What makes art so powerful? It has the ability to inspire us all. 

Ammara B.

live wedding painting

"We just received our painting in the mail! I am blown away by what I just un-boxed! Wow. Just wow. It looks so incredible in person, the way you brought the colors together, and your blending technique, it's all just so beautiful and so spectacular. I've attached some of our professional pictures from the wedding for you. I can't wait to hang this up."

Osmaan A.

live wedding painting

"WOW! The painting its amazing!!!  My family has been going on and on about how nice it was to have you at the wedding. I'm glad that you were able to talk with some of them and some of my guests."

Loni & Toni K.

live wedding painting

"We absolutely love love LOVE [our painting]...we couldn't feel more gifted having someone capture a moment in such a fashion that was so authentic...

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